FPS Hydraulic Engineer heads to the ice for US research

FPS hydraulic engineer solves issues with a critical scientific ice drill based in Antarctica

2019 01 25 22.30

Following an Australasian search, Fluid Power Solutions (FPS) hydraulic engineer Owen Little was selected to solve an issue with a critical scientific ice drill based in Antarctica.

The US$7m science research project provides deep ice access in Antarctica, by taking core samples of ice from 2500 to 3300m below the surface with a Rapid Access Ice Drill (RAID).

From the US base at McMurdo Station, Owen was tasked with inspecting and fixing hydraulic issues with the drill rig 3km from base. There were a few more issues than they originally thought there were, but Owen managed to get all the faults fixed.
For more on this project visit: https://www.fluidpower.co.nz/projects/