Oil Analysis and Conditioning

FPS provides a range of oil analysis and testing methods that are useful to a variety of industries and equipment.

To get the best from your machines and equipment it is critical that oil contamination levels are carefully monitored and kept under control. Identifying system contamination, the types of contaminant and identifying the cause, will prevent premature component failings and breakdown.

If your business depends on machinery running smoothly, ensure your lubricants are protecting that machinery. FPS provides a range of oil analysis and testing methods that are useful to a variety of industries and equipment. 

Analysing oil is a smart and cost-effective way to keep tabs on oil quality and cleanliness. It is also an effective way to reduce wear and tear on machinery parts and ensure you are running at your best. 

Oil Analysis Methods

Viscosity is the most important physical property of oil. Testing the oil's viscosity ensures that a lubricant can provide the correct film thickness in a machine or application to ensure that metal components do not rub against each other and create component wear.

Microscopic oil analysis allows us to see exactly what contaminant is compromising your machine's health together with the type of wear it causes. We can determine if the correct oil is being used for the application and take photographs for future comparison. A state of the art “fluid control unit” is used to identify particle compositions, oil viscosity and water saturation.

Once oil condition is understood an appropriate plan to address the cause of the contamination can be put in place. Extra filtration may be required and/or system components may require servicing.

Oil Analysis and Conditioning Services Summary

  • Oil analysis to understand the condition of the oil being analysed and the condition of the equipment involved with detailed diagnostic reports.
  • Software that helps us carry out detailed statistical analysis. 
  • Mobile and on-site oil conditioning machines.
  • Filtration upgrades and servicing.

At FPS, we are proud to be approved distributors for a huge range of world-leading products in our industry which includes just some of the following brands.


At FPS we also service a wide range of other brands and have the knowledge and expertise to work with any application.

FCU in action on the Voyager P web3

FPS's FCU in action

FPS’s Fluid Control Unit (FCU) has been put to work on the Voyager fishing vessel recently, measuring the cleanliness code of the oil within the vessel’s closed loop hydraulic system that drives the main winch system.

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